BTS fans go into a MELTDOWN over the K-pop band's SNL performance

Heartthrob K-pop boy band BTS stole the show at this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, making history as the first Korean musical group to appear on the show.

The seven-member boy group that hails from delivered a lively show, performing intense choreography without missing a beat of their two hits Boy With Luv and Mic Drop. 

Their loyal global fans – dubbed the BTS ARMY – triggered a meltdown on Twitter where they went crazy over the performance. 

‘My daughter is making really weird mouth noises watching #BTSxSNL and 카지노사이트 just had to take her hoodie off because she’s sweating.It’s a #BTSARMY thing for those not aware,’ radio host JJ Ryan tweeted Saturday night. 

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Heartthrob K-pop boyband BTS stole the show at this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, making history as the first Korean musical group to appear on the show

The seven-member boy group that hails from South Korea delivered a lively show performing their intense choreography without missing a note of their two hits Boy With Luv and Mic Drop

The seven-member boy group was founded in 2013 but found international fame in 2016 with their album Wings

‘I screamed in my living room.Not even gonna lie. #BTSxSNL,’ another Twitter user added.

‘I’ve been watching SNL since the late ’70s til I stopped watching in the 90s. Never seeing an Asian face on their staff always stung. But tonight I just saw 7 Korean faces gracing that damn stage and it was the best part of that show so I AM OVER IT.#BTSxSNL,’ actor Paul Bae wrote. 

‘Trying to figure out how @bts_bighit can keep up that stamina for an entire concert. Those boys can dance,’ #BTSXSNL,’ journalist Shaun Robinson added. 

‘Live band.Killer vocals. Moves for days. Crushed it! that’s how you say “what’s up America?” #BTSXSNL,’ Colleen Nika tweeted Friday night. 

After the show, NBC announced BTS will perform for the first time with singer Halsey at the Billboard Music Awards.Their latest album Map of the Soul: Persona was just released on Friday April 12. 

The Kpop band, comprised of members Jungkook, 21; Jimin, 23; V, 23; Suga, 26; Jin, 26; RM, 24; and J-Hope, 25, formed in 2013 in South Korea and has turned into an international sensation over the past couple of years. 

Fan meltdown: Fans – who call themselves the #BTSARMY – took to Twitter to praise the Kpop band’s performance on SNL this week 

While they always had fame in Korea, their international standing took off in 2016 with the album Wings making it on the Billboard Hot 100 and in November 2018 their album Love Yourself: Answer became the first Korean album certified Gold in the U.S. 

In September 2018 the group delivered a speech at the United Nations as ambassadors for UNICEF announcing Generation Unlimited, a campaign focused on ‘youth development with empowering messages’.  

Just this weekend the band released a feature single with American singer Halsey. 

The band shared this post on Twitter before the show, posing on the NBC SNL set

International sensation: The band, formed in 2013, is comprised of members Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope

Fans couldn’t get enough of their performance, which was live streamed on YouTube. 

Their YouTube page was inundated with comments saying, ‘What do they put in the water over there?They’re straight fire back to back.’

‘I don’t normally listen to this type of music but the guy with punk hair is a dream, he’s something else,’ another YouTube user added. 

‘Can’t believe this was live??These boys know how to put on a show. I get it now,’ another echoed. 

‘Big thumbs up. They all can sing, rap and dance? So powerful and amazing performances!!!!’ another commenter added.   

‘I get it now.Y’all just got a 35 year old to join the army,’ a YouTube user named Melisa V commented. 

YouTube fans: BTS army fans took to YouTube for the live feed of the band’s SNL performance where fans gushed over the performance and new listeners joined the fan base