Covid Anxiety and 5 Ways to Heal It

Covid has changed the whole world. We are fighting against this virus from past one year.

It lead to a complete lockdown and changed our social life as well as work culture. We have seen drastic changes in our economy, health, education system and other things as well. We never imagined such a situation, but now we have to fight against this together.

It's really easy to say stay home and stay safe but it's hard to do. From the top everything seems normal. Our education is going online, the corporate sector is working from home.

We all are stuck at our homes and are not able to socialize outside with friends and relatives.We all are stressed about our health, our financial instability and feeling anxious in this worldwide pandemic.

During these times our mental health too gets affected a lot and it becomes really difficult to practice mindfulness and pursuing our hobbies in our free time.

Here we are sharing 5 ways to cope up with the covid anxiety :

1. Reducing screen time

We all are stuck in our mobile phones 24*7, which leads to severe problems with our health. So reducing our screen time is of utmost importance.You can do exercise, meditation or listen to music whatever you want.

2. Break from social media

The news channels and our social media feed is filled with covid news and sufferings of people. We hear and see negativity all around. News and other information are the only way to keep ourselves informed of the situation going on but it is okay to take periodic breaks.Social media Detox is very important. Our mind needs a break from processing the bulk of information. So, break from this social media will help in reducing the anxiety.

3. Self Management

This can be done in numerous ways such as meditating, exercising, taking deep breaths, eating healthy food, avoiding alcohol, and adequate amounts of sleep.

4. Talk to your friends

We know we can't go out and kampus terbaik di lampung chill with our friends but we can connect with them over a call or a video call to have a check upon them. Some people find it easier to vent out to any of their close ones in these anxiety-provoking times.Don't bottle up your emotions and worries. But before talking to a friend or close one, asking about their situation is also very important. Also we can share our thoughts and feelings with each other to know that you are not alone.

5. Unwind

Invest your time listening to your favourite playlists, making your favourite dish, practising your old hobbies.Go cook your favorite dish of your favorite restaurant, trust me you will enjoy it a lot. Give yourself a break from your daily schedules.

We all are getting lots of guides on our social media handles and other sources as well. But just don't forget about your mental health.

This is a tough time for your body as well as mind. We are all feeling anxious about this pandemic. It's really tough to cope up with this but remember to stay positive in this situation. Many mental health organisations are taking necessary steps to guide you in this journey and getting you the right therapists to connect with.

Mental health disorder is a serious illness which should not be neglected. Taking professional help is very important to heal this. They are well educated and have experience in this field. They understand you well so don't hesitate to have a session with them.Initially just talk to them, pour your heart over the session so that they understand exactly what is troubling you and they will guide you the best.

Sakshi shah working towards spreading mental health awareness co-founder , Goodlives-

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