Multifunctional Rf Vacuum Roller Cavitation Slimming Machine For Body Contouring Lifting Laser 905nm Pressure System Weight Loss


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  • CRC: ₡4,460,616.46



2020 new laser physiotherapy vacuum slimming machine detox machine/physiotherapy equipment/body slim machine

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Product Description




Principle of the equipment

The perfect combination of Radio frequency, strong sound wave and mechanical roller and NC rhythm of negative pressure, make it the end version of slimming equipment.

RF Technology

Radio frequency (RF) refers to the electromagnetic wave which is transmissible and can be launched, hereinafter referred to as RF in English. Endogenous heat causes instant shrinkage to the dermal collagen fibers and stimulates secretion of more new collagen. The energy causes the temperature of the dermal tissue rise, enhances the oxygen flow rate of the body, improve blood and lymph circulation, activates metabolism, eliminate and soften cellular organization.

Strong acoustic technology

Strong acoustic slimming technology sends harmless energy of strong sound wave frequency and power to different parts of the adipose tissue in way of contact coupling, in the principle of strong acoustic cavitation and uses the energy caused by cavitation to break the fat cells of  pathological fat tissue.

Wavy mechanical roller

Wavy mechanical roller, except performs as electrodes for release of RF energy, it can also rolling the problematic tissue during the treatment process, itvery similar to the feeling of traditional way of pushing the fat by hand. It can accelerate the passive movement of the area receiving the treatment, accelerate the body fluid circulation and detoxication. Large cellulite is  softened and the decomposition is accelerated by rolling. Besides, the rolling can also help accelerate the repair and improvement of orange peel fat.

CNC rhythm negative pressure Technology

By CNC metrical pattern, negative pressure combined with specially designed negative pressure suction head, according to personalized skin conditions of human body, applying different depth of kneading and massage to the epidermal layers of the skin, blood vessels, fat layer and layer of the nervous system, thus it can effectively improve the fluid flow between human cells, increase movement of cells , activate cells, promote circulation of the blood and lymph circulation of the imperceptible blood-vesselaccelerate metabolism and improve the internal environment of the skin.

905 Soft Laser Technology

LASER,  in EnglishLASER, transliteration is the LASER. 905nm specific wavelength of semiconductor laser can improve the liquidity of fluid between the skin and muscle cells, stimulate movement between cells, activate cells and improve skin elasticity. While at the same time, it accelerates blood circulation of imperceptible blood-vessel, and drainage excess toxins through the lymphatic system, and it can effectively decompose the facial pigment and splash through 905nm light irradiation.



Working voltage 220V  +10%/-20%
Rated power 200W
Operating frequency 0Hz
Fuse 6A
Size after packing carton 560mm* 570mm* 1275mm
Gross weight 54KG






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Multifunctional Rf Vacuum Roller Cavitation Slimming Machine For Body Contouring Lifting Laser 905nm Pressure System Weight Loss


  • CRC: ₡4,460,616.46

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