Real pants make sure this is the style you want

I was unsure about sizing because it’s a new size for my son in general. I purchased two pairs in size large. they fit him exactly as shown in the product image and his measurements are the averages on their sizing chart. I think they would be more flattering if they were not baggy in the thigh, but that may just be on my son or because he looks to be a larger size than the model. He’s very happy with them and wears them to school and for cross country running practices. He’s run many miles in them and they’ve washed and held up well so far.

These are really nice soccer pants! I do not know how to authenticate them but as far as I can tell they are real and came with the tags. There are many styles to soccer pants. I ordered 2 of them. I say there are different styles because I did not know this lol! These are football style pants. It says on the tags. Not soccer but real football I think. This style has a see through mesh on the side probably for the football style. My son wears their soccer style and his do not have the see through patch but loves these and wants to keep them too.

i also purchuse 1 pants for me, really like these, comfortable. Look great. They are loose on me at thigh and butt There was plenty of space so i ordered another pair in a different color and cheap Bosnia Herzegovina jerseys went down a size. These fit well… still space in thigh but fitted at hips, which I guess is to be expected. So if you want more fitted go down a size. Terrific overall and constant questions on where I got them.

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