5MP AI Deep Learning Network Mini PTZ Camera with Active Deterrence Based on Human/Vehicle Detection


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  • CRC: ₡550,444.90



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Product Description
AI Deep Learning
One of the unique features of this AI Smart PTZ camera is its advanced AI deep learning technologies. Therefore, the camera
supports high accuracy human and/or vehicle filtering. A huge pain point from conventional security cameras is too many false
alarms triggered by light change, animals, rains, etc. With this human/vehicle filtering, the false alarm rate will be dramatically reduced, users will then concentrate on real alarms. Moreover, this make it possible to setup some automation workflows based on human/vehicle detection. For example, automatic light/audio warning when someone approachs a specifc area,
automatic play audio file when a vehicle is coming, etc.
Auto Tracking PTZ
This PTZ camera supports 0°~345° Pan movement and -10~110° Tilt movement. It equips with 5 Megapixels 2.8-12mm motorized zoom lens. It also supports 256 presets (pre-defined movement positions) and patrol route.
One great feature is auto tracking. The camera can detect human/vehicle in targeted area and then automatic follow up this object.
It is crutial to record complete activities of intruders. The camera can go back to default position after tracking.
Active Deterrence
As this AI smart camera triggers alarms based on accurate human/vehicle filtering, it also provides multiple ways to actively deter potential intruders from your property or facilities. This feature will help to stop crime before it happens. Users can choose one or all three active deterrence ways.
• Red/Blue Light
• Strobe Light
• Loud Speaker with audio warning from pre-uploaded audio file or realtime verbal warning
Custom Audio Automation
This AI smart camera provides several audio warning samples by default, and it is easy to custom audio files and upload via WEB
browsers. The camera supports very flexible trigger-to-action workflow configuration. This amazing feature allow users to custom
audio automation for a variety of applications. Below are some examples:
• Restricted area, please move away (for potential intruders)
• Illegal parking (Automatic audio warning in a private parking area)
• Welcome to out store (Retail store automatic audio playing when people is entering)
• This is hazardous area, please keep you away (automatic audio alert in a dangerous region when people is approaching)

Recommended Applications

Active Deterence Purpose

With AI deep learning technology and high accuracy human/vehicle filtering, the camera is a perfect choice of security cameras in
many applications and dramatically reduce false alarms. It will actively deter potential intruders with built-in strobe light, siren and/or verbal warning. It can be used in commercial buildings, gas station, residential houses, restricted areas, retail stores, etc.
Custom Audio Automation
This versatile camera can be programmed or integrated in many automation systems.
As a high accuracy and affordable human/vehicle detection sensor, it can be used in retail stores, gas station, state parks,
coorporate buildings to detect visiting people and/or vehicles. It can replace PIR sensor and guest detection sensors.
And thanks to its audio speaker, this device can be programmed to play audio file or verbal message when there are visitors
coming. It can be used as a smart speaker in many unattended applications, for example, illegal parking warning, hazardous area
alert, swimming pool alert at night, warning at Water source protection area, welcome message in hotel and retail stores, etc.
The camera provides complete HPPT/API protocols to be integrated into 3rd party systems.


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5MP AI Deep Learning Network Mini PTZ Camera with Active Deterrence Based on Human/Vehicle Detection


  • CRC: ₡550,444.90

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